Cold water, hot water

Cold water, hot water

I wonder how my poor plants feel in 97-degree heat when they are watered from a dark grey hose that was lying in the hot sun all day? I don’t want to waste a 115-foot hose-length of water waiting for it to get cool. So I water the plants farthest away first, so that the air can moderate the scalding hot droplets before they land on the flowers.

Conversely, we try to conserve water by discarding…

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Praying Through the Rain

Praying Through the Rain

Michael Summers:

Sometimes when we pray, we need to remember that “before the rainbow must come the rain.”

Originally posted on Call for Fire Seminar:

It rained today. The forecast called for thunderstorms; for a short time this afternoon rain descended in a downpour. We needed the rain. Grass in the neighborhood lawns was turning brown. Water levels in area ponds and rivers were noticeably…

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When first I wake

When first I wake

When first I wake, I want to know
What God is saying to me;
With morning’s growing light he’ll show
The Scripture’s novelty.

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Glory for communicating

Glory to God for the ability to communicate instantaneously with others across the globe and, more importantly still, for the privilege of communicating freely at any time with the Creator of the universe and the Father of spirits.

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Three women prisoners find freedom in Christ

Three women prisoners find freedom in Christ

DECATUR, Ala(BNc) — Three prisoners were recently baptized into Christ at the Beltline church of Christ in Decatur, Alabama.  Lisa, Ashley, and Cassandra were given permission by authorities to leave the jail for baptism.

Danny Truitt’s wife, Deborah, a WBS teacher, had studied with the three young women. He recaps the occasion: “Two deputies brought them to the building in handcuffs and…

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Flee and engage

Our Father in heaven, the noise of the world drowns out the voice of your Spirit. Let us flee first to be edified by your presence, in order to engage later our neighbors and share with them the gospel.

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Believing is seeing

It is said, “Seeing is believing.” It is truly amazing how much has been seen and yet not believed.

Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fish, yet the people who saw the miracle didn’t believe Jesus is the son of God (John 6:26). Jesus taught these same people, “I am the bread that came down from heaven,” and, “I came down from heaven,” (John 6:35, 38). Even though they had…

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Souls at war

“Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11 NKJV).

What is the greatest obstacle to efforts to carry out the Great Commission? One might argue for a variety of choices. Hostile religions are certainly serious barriers. So are governments influenced by agnostic or atheistic philosophies such as communism or secular humanism.…

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Glory of titles

Glory to God who wears a thousand titles of grandeur and majesty and effulgence and forbids that man appropriate to himself any laurels or merit.

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Driscoll debacle provides hard lesson for those who drool after megachurch success

Driscoll debacle provides hard lesson for those who drool after megachurch success


Megachurch head Mark Driscoll

When men get away from the Bible, these are the types of things that happen, and they are not atypical.

The church’s bylaws, which spell out how the church is governed, are not public.

Itching ears will submit to anything. That’s how Mark Driscoll could assemble an empire. (more…)

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